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Flexibility, sustainability and innovation are the key factors that characterize Nieuwkoop International's projects for architects, construction companies, project developers and private clients.
With an emphasis on the highest possible quality, Nieuwkoop International uses sustainable materials such as solid wood, veneer, plywood, metals, precious metals and exclusive natural stone.

The company's innovative approach can be seen in its continuous focus on the development of new technologies and its investment in state-of-the-art equipment. This family company, founded in 1974, has gained itself an outstanding reputation by expertly combining innovation with pure and traditional craftsmanship.

With its highly motivated team, Nieuwkoop International realizes national and international projects from the initial planning phase right through to final completion. All production is managed independently. As an optional service, Nieuwkoop International can also offer full project management involving coordination and communication with external parties, including contractors, plumbers, electricians and painters.

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